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SCBA inspection and service – Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Our experienced technicians are trained and certified for the inspection of the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for brands like Dräger, Scott Safety, Interspiro, Rongshen etc.

We are able to conduct the SCBA inspection of the entire set, including masks and cylinders on board your vessels during the berthing time as well as on anchorage. Our technicians are very flexible to serve the vessel without waiting time.

Due to our good practice and mobile equipment, we are able to conduct the services worldwide.

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.


Our service and our technicians are certified.

No waiting time

Inspection on board of your vessels during berthing or at anchorage.

Worldwide service

We operate worldwide even at unreachable ports.

Visual checks of SCBA components

We check the components such as straps, lenses, and airline hose, to ensure that there is no excessive wear and tear as well as the air cylinder is full.

Functional tests

We check that buckles actually buckle, regulators and warning devices activate, and if the SCBA does not leak.

Individual service

SCBA manufacturers vary in specifying what a self-contained breathing apparatus inspection must include. We offer you the right service to meet your requirements.

Flow test

A flow test, also called a performance test, ensures that the SCBA meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

BA compressor inspection and air quality test

If you need any service for your BA compressor, do not hesitate to contact us. With our mobile equipment, we are able to perform the BA compressor air quality test on board of your vessels as well as refilling. This saves a lot of time and double round trips.

Frequency of SCBA inspection

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) requires regular maintenance at specified intervals to ensure that your life-saving equipment continues to function under the harshest conditions:

Annually: All open-circuit SCBA must be flow tested. In addition, the breathing air must be replaced, along with an internal visual inspection of the cylinder.
3-yearly: Hydrostatic testing of fiberglass or Kevlar® full encasement and bail encasements.
5-yearly: Hydrostatic testing of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber cylinders.

Spare parts for SCBA

In case spare parts are required, we are able to offer all brands of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

With us, you get everything from a single source – SCBA service, spare parts and comprehensive advice. You save valuable time and money. Simply contact us to find out which service we can provide for you.

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