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Rescue boat and lifeboat service – annual inspection

We will be your reliable life saving appliance partner for the annual and 5-yearly inspection, overhaul and load testing of lifeboats and rescue boats on board of your vessel.

Our service portfolio:

  • Lifeboats
  • Rescue boats
  • Fast rescue boats
  • Totally enclosed lifeboats
  • Free fall lifeboats
  • Partially enclosed lifeboats
  • Tender boats

LSA-Service GmbH can perform lifeboat services etc. to latest requirements MSC 402(96), independent of maker and type of boat and davits. We are certified for nearly all kind of maker(s) and type(s). Our company provides all kind of services worldwide with our own equipment and technicians. We always use our own technicians to ensure the quality standard at highest point. It saves time, unnecessary roundtrips and finally costs. All can be executed during voyage of vessel either to avoid delay in the vessels schedule.

This is why you should choose us as your partner for lifeboat servicing

High flexibility

Undependable of maker and type of lifeboats.


According to the latest regulations from IMO being MSC.402(96).

Mobile equipment

Saving time and costs.


Focused on customer requirements.

Flexible rescue & lifeboat inspection – independent of time and place

Based on calling port of your vessel, with our teams and equipment for service of lifeboats and rescue boats (fast rescue boats, totally enclosed lifeboats, free fall lifeboats, partially enclosed lifeboats, tender boats), we are able to travel through Europe easily as even worldwide to execute lifeboat inspections and maintenances. Our service cars are equipped with several common spare parts for the reason, if one part is malfunctioning and rejected an additional one must be available. Before we will change any item, we will get in contact with the owner of the vessel in order to clarify the situation.

Qualified rescue & lifeboat maintenance – incl. required records

GRP repairs or structural damages (minor or major) on rescue and lifeboats would be no problem for our competent staff.

During our lifeboats service we are working very transparent which means that we will keep records with pictures etc. in case if we have to reject any items or need to quote spare parts or follow-up rescue boat services.

Main target is always to keep the vessel safe and in operational condition even when necessary with proper temporary solution for all parties to fulfill the requirements.

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Reliable service for your rescue boats & lifeboats

We are your reliable service provider for rescue and lifeboat servicing. We work with the highest quality standards to always provide you with the best service worldwide. With our years of experience and technical know-how, we ensure that your equipment receives only the very best care and attention throughout its safety lifecycle.

All boat serviced (rescue boats, lifeboats, fast rescue boats, totally enclosed lifeboats, free fall lifeboats, partially enclosed lifeboats, tender boats) by us at your desired port on board of the vessel or during voyage of vessel undergo a rigorous inspection by one of our qualified technicians. This way we ensure that the rescue boats are in perfect condition and always ready for use in case of emergency.

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