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EEBD Inspection and Maintenance – Emergency Escape Breathing Device

We are an international service provider authorized and certified to perform the annual and 5-year inspections of various manufacturers and types of Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD).

We are able to conduct the inspection, service and maintenance of different types and manufacturers like Dräger – Saver CF15, Ocenco – M20.2, Scott Safety – Sabre Elsa etc.

Just ask us! We have the right solution for your individual requirements.

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This is why we are your professional partner for EEBD maintenance on ships

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.

Exchange basis

Second hand and new EEBD’s on exchange.

No waiting time

Inspection on board of your vessels during berthing for loading or discharging or at anchorage.

Worldwide service

We operate worldwide even at unreachable ports.

We take over the complete EEBD’s inspection and maintenance for you

Visual and functional inspection

Visual checking of damages and function test if required.

Manometer and hydrostatic test

Checking of leakages and if the hydrostatic test is required.

Hydrostatic test required?

Due to our huge stock of exchange EEBD’s, we are very flexible during the service.

EEBD marine safety inspection for Ocenco M20.2

All EEBD manufacturers have different technical features. Most of our clients buy EEBD from Ocenco M20.2, because, unlike the other manufacturers, they have the advantage of being maintenance-free for 15 years. This means, for example, no additional costs for the hydrostatic test which should be performed every 5 years for other manufacturers.

Annually and 5-yearly inspection of EEBD

Whether you want to do the annually inspection or the 5-yearly inspection including hydrostatic testing, we can help you. Just like BA cylinders or CO2 45 kg cylinders, we have a huge stock of exchange EEBD’s that are freshly hydrostatically tested.

Ocenco M20.2 and training EEBD

We are also able to offer Ocenco M20.2 EEBD’s at a very good price/performance ratio.

Additionally, we have a stock of training EEBD’s. Our mobile vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools to refill the EEBD’s if needed. This saves a lot of time and your resources as well.

We dispose damaged EEBDs from board

Marine Safety Service | Ship Safety Group

If we find a damaged EEBD during the inspection on board the vessel, we can offer you to remove it free of charge. Why do we offer this? In some ports it is very difficult to dispose the rectified EEBD’s, either it costs a lot of money or it is not possible.