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Davit/Crane inspection & service

We perform the annual and 5-yearly inspections, load testing, maintenance and repairs as per MSC 402(96).

For the 5 yearly inspections (load tests), we have our own load test equipment with calibrated load cells incl. required parts, like slings, shackles etc.

Our service portfolio:

  • Life raft and rescue boat davits
  • Fast rescue boat davits
  • Workboat davits
  • Lifeboat davits
  • Free fall lifeboat davits
  • Cargo cranes

In case of destinations where our service technician has to fly, we can attend with either our own test equipment or we can source it out through our local network to obtain the necessary equipment for the outstanding test. At the end, it’s always a matter of availability and costs to quote and advise on the most economical solution for the customer.

All this we can offer for a fixed budget price to avoid hidden cost.

Worldwide inspections on board of your vessels

Our technicians are certified and authorized to perform the inspections on board of your vessels worldwide. They will perform the testing of each equipment during the port stay or during the loading/discharging operation, so that no additional laytime is needed. Our technicians are equipped as well as with the necessary spare parts on the services, so that they are able to rectify most of problems directly on board and in time.

Ship Safety Group gives you a good experience of high service coordination, outstanding service performance, and most importantly better cost estimation on each and every service.