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Accident Investigation

We – the Ship Safety Group – are able to investigate different accident cases on fire fighting arrangements and life saving appliances on board of sea going vessels. In general, we can offer fixed package for pre- investigation. Our technical engineer will determine all required repairs and exchanges on LSA or FFE equipment. We prefer to communicate openly with our clients regarding costs. Therefore, our accident investigation doesn’t contain any hidden costs.

We do offer accident investigation on life saving appliances equipment and fire fighting equipment such as fixed fire extinguishing systems, portable equipment, for insurance companies, surveyor entities, class & flag members, and of course for all maritime companies on board of their vessels.

Independent investigation with reporting as part of client support

We investigate each & every accident case quite neutrally, to submit a comprehensive report for all involved parties based on accident causes and solution suggestions.

We can offer also fixed package to train crew members on board to enhance their knowledge level for better usage and maintenance of life saving appliances and fire fighting arrangements. It could tremendously reduce the accident chances and ensures safe voyage whilst using above mentioned equipment.