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Service of inflatable life jackets

As a service provider for marine life jackets we are authorized and certified to perform the annual inspection of several manufacturers and types of inflatable life jackets in our workshop according to the latest requirements by SOLAS.

We are authorized by the manufacturer for Mullion, Kadematic, SOS Technik etc. In addition to manufacturer authorization, we are certified by various IACS members to inspect and service inflatable life jackets.

This is why you should choose us as your partner for lifejacket servicing

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.


Our service is certified by various IAC members.

Own technicians

No agency or subcontractor in between.


Focused on customer requirements.

A selection of our manufacturers

This is why you should choose us as your reliable partner for life jacket servicing

Competent advice on the condition of the life jacket

We advise you if the inflatable life jacket can be serviced or needs to be replaced.

Inspection of all components

Upon request, we will disassemble the marine life jacket into its components so that all valves and seals that are normally hidden behind other parts are also inspected. All expired, worn or damaged parts are replaced.

Pressure and mechanism test

During inflatable life jacket servicing, a pressure test and a mechanism test are performed to ensure that the bladder is fully functional.

Worldwide service and inspection for life jackets

We have a worldwide network and are able to respond to your inquiry and individual requirements at short notice. We have already performed our services in over 90 countries worldwide. Even ports that are difficult to reach are no challenge for us.

Find out now in which ports we have already successfully performed our services.

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Inflatable life jackets – professional service and inspection

Inflatable life jackets must be inspected at fixed intervals. We are able to offer you the inspection and testing of different types and manufacturers. The inspection can take place on board or in our workshop facilities. To save the time, we can offer you as well freshly tested and overhauled inflatable life jackets on exchange. This saves a lot of time and money, as no double round trips are necessary. Alternatively, we can quote you non-inflatable life jackets. The advance is that they do not require an inspection by a qualified person and the costs are less than inflatable life jackets. According the requirements, the inflatable life jackets have a life time of at least 10 years.

Worldwide service and inspection for life jackets

We offer reliable service for inflatable life jacket servicing. We work with the highest quality standards to always provide you with the best service worldwide. With our years of experience and technical know-how, we ensure that your equipment receives only the very best care and attention throughout its safety lifecycle.

All life jackets serviced by us at your desired port undergo a rigorous inspection by one of our qualified technicians. This way we ensure that the lifejacket is in perfect condition and always ready for use in case of emergency.