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Release gear – inspection and maintenance

All required inspections and testing of release gear are performed during our annual & 5-yearly service. All maintenance related to our release gear systems can be performed on board. All in all, the Ship Safety Group make it safe, simple and cost effective for customers.

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This is why we are your professional partner for release gear on ships

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.


Our service and our technicians are certified.

No waiting time

Inspection on board of your vessels during berthing, traveling or at anchorage.

Worldwide service

We operate worldwide even at unreachable ports.

Release gear – inspection and maintenance

Advantages of the release gear for rescue boats

Regulations and requirements

All our products have a valid MED approval which fulfill latest requirements for release gears.

Low maintenance

The release gear is made of stainless steel and only requires periodical inspection & greasing. It must be checked for correct functioning every 3 months.

Easy handling

It consists of a safety latch with moving handle, which is equipped with a spring to move back the handle in closed position. Besides of that, manual release of the craft when waterborne, stationary & moving handle are to enable easier release of the hook.

Manufacturer of release gear (rescue boats)

With our decades of experience we developed our release hooks. The huge benefit is, that they don’t have any expiry date, which is a huge benefit for our customers.

All items have a valid MED approval and fulfill latest requirements.

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