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Load testing of davits, rescue boats, lifeboats and cranes

We’re offering load testing with our own equipment or rental equipment on worldwide basis. We can perform load tests on rescue boats, lifeboats, davits, cargo cranes, provision cranes, gangways, accommodation ladders, engine room cranes and ramps for free fall boats. We’re able to do load tests up to 500t.

Our technicians are well equipped with all necessary equipment & devices such as:

  • loadcell-testing/dynameter
  • shackle
  • load testing weight bags (water-filled) and etc.
  • slings

In different situation we have shown in past a high flexibility to perform load tests. Either in port, shipyard or at anchorage. We show our flexible approach to our clients to reduce unwanted costs and to avoid extra laytime for lifeboat/davit load testing and any delay in vessel’s schedule.

We are your professional partner for load tests of all kind of equipment

Own technicians

No agency or subcontractor in between.

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.


During loading/dis-charging of a vessel or during lay-time at a shipyard.

High standard of quality

High quality and good cost effectiveness. 

Load testing of davits, rescue boats, lifeboats and cranes

Load test procedure


Thorough examination of the sheaves, wire ropes, winch, attachments and the supporting welds between the deck and the davits as well as measuring the relative positions of the davits by a theodolite.


1. Safe Working Load (SWL test) weight is attached to the davit ropes
2. The winch brake is released and the weight allowed to free-fall a few meters before being applied again (readjustment of the winch brake, if necessary)
3. Controlling of davits position again and removing of Safe Working Load
4. Procedure repeating with a test weight and removing the weight from the davit ropes


Measuring the relative positions of the davits by a theodolite and any deflection noted. The supporting welding is then subjected to post test and the data recorded. (Issuance of the certificate usually takes 24 hours).

Load test requirements

Load-testing is required due to:

  • SOLAS regulations
  • Lifting equipment regulations (LOLAS)
  • 5-yearly inspection
  • Davit load test for on-load release gear to 110% of its rated capacity
  • Structure repairs of cranes, davits or boats

Worldwide load tests for every kind of marine equipment.

Load testing of davits, rescue boats, lifeboats and cranes

We can travel with our own equipment almost to all main European ports for life saving appliances inspection e.g. davit, crane, rescue and life boat load tests. We do have a major partnership with our international partners worldwide, all other ports out of Europe could be served through our own technicians with equipment from our partners on rental basis or with our own equipment as well.

We can also reach places outside of common ports.

Further to our open communication with crew in advance, our technical engineer will take some necessary spare parts with himself to avoid double roundtrips. Our business model is formed in such a way to reduce customer’s unexpected costs for all required LSA inspections.

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