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Fire extinguisher service and inspection

The FFE-Service GmbH is your reliable partner for the annual or 10-yearly inspection of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers on board your ship. We are able to perform the annual inspections worldwide on board of your vessel according to the latest regulations, regardless of type and manufacturer.

With our mobile equipment, we perform the annual inspection on board of the vessels. This saves time, unnecessary round trips and finally costs.

We are your professional partner for fire extinguisher inspection on board of your ships

Own technicians

No agency or subcontractor in between.

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.


Inspection on board the ships saves time and costs.

High standard of quality

High quality and goof cost-effectiveness.

Fire extinguisher service from the specialist

Different types of fire extinguishers

Our technicians are well trained for all type of fire extinguishers. Regularly they are trained in-house for new regulation and development of maker’s.

More then an inspection of fire extinguishers

Due to monthly meetings with our technicians, they are on a good level in respect of the regulations etc. Additionally they are also checking the fire and safety plan and board to be sure that sufficient items are on board.

Service on exchange basis

For some items we can offer a service on exchange basis. Due to this no additional roundtrips will accrue. Finally it will save needless costs.

Worldwide inspection for every brand of fire extinguisher

Depending on the port of call of your vessel, we are able to travel all over the world in order to service your fire fighting equipment.

Service for portable fire extinguishers

We are able to change any type of portable fire extinguishers, such as:

  • 2 kg powder or CO2
  • 5 kg CO2
  • 6 kg powder
  • 9 ltr foam
  • 12 kg powder


Since 2019, we have our own European non-permanent fire extinguishers, which are MED and SOLAS approved.

Service for wheeled fire extinguishers

For sure, we are also able to supply the wheeled fire extinguishers, such as:

  • Powder 50 kg
  • 45 ltr foam
  • 135 ltr foam


The advantage with the wheeled fire extinguishers is that we can offer second hand and hydrostatic tested items or new.


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Short waiting times due to fire extinguishing in stock

After 10 years, every fire extinguisher needs to be hydrostatic tested according to the IMO regulations. With our permanent partner we are able to provide these services as well.

In our fire extinguisher service we work very transparent. We keep records with pictures and detailed information in case we have to reject single items like cartridges or fire extinguishers.

Inspection according to fire and safety plan

We also check during our fire extinguisher service and inspection on board of your ship the requirements according to the fire and safety plan and the safety equipment certificate. We prepare the vessel according to the international regulations.

Most of the time, ships are equipped with more fire extinguishers than needed. Before we change anything, we check if it is really necessary. Due to this good practice the owner of the vessel gets a better overview and saves money in the end.

Spare parts for fire extinguishers

If you are looking for spare parts for fire extinguishers such as cartridges, spare powder, foam etc., please let us know. We are able to offer all parts for all types and manufacturers.

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