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Fixed fire fighting system on board ships – fire extinguishing system

Each class approved vessel is equipped with a fixed fire extinguishing system. It depends on the type of the vessel. Our FFE-service technicians are approved for several types and manufacturers for fixed fire fighting systems on ships like:

  • CO2 fixed fire fighting system
  • Fixed foam fire fighting system
  • Powder System
  • Novec1230
  • FM200

Our skilled and well-trained technicians have long term experience in inspection and maintenance of fixed fire extinguishing systems. Therefore, they are able to conduct trouble shooting and malfunctioned.

This is why you should choose us as your reliable partner for fixed fire fighting systems on ships

High flexibility

We respond to your individual requirements at short notice.

Own technicians

No agency or subcontractor in between.


Focused on customer requirements.

High standard of quality

High quality and good cost-effectiveness.

Competent advice for the inspection of fixed fire extinguishing systems on board ships

Competent advice

Our technicians and office staff are familiar with technical issues, so both sides can support you with technical issues. Office staff, management and technicians have previously worked in shipping companies and as service providers. They know the business very well and know who to act for customer satisfaction.

Lump sum offers

We are able to always offer lump sum prices including travel costs, overtime, weekend and holiday charges. Furthermore, we are able to offer a service agreement for your complete fleet which includes fixed prices for individual ports for the respective continent. If you like to have a quotation, please get in contact with us.

Regular inspection

We can perform most of our services on board of your vessels during loading or discharging operations – including inspection and maintenance of fixed fire fighting systems. We do not need permanent support of your crew. Our technicians will conduct the required services while in port. If your vessel requires a service but is at anchor, we can attend as well. We are very flexible. In the past we have performed services at night times, on short notice during canal passage (NOK, SUEZ or Panama) or on holidays such as Christmas. We perform all our services at a fair and competitive price/quality ratio without hidden costs.

Inspection of fixed fire extinguishing system on board ships

We are able to carry out all required services for fixed fire fighting systems on ships:

  • annual inspection
  • bi-annual inspection
  • 5-yearly inspection
  • 10-yearly inspection

During the 10-yearly inspection it is required to conduct the hydrostatic test of 10% from the total cylinders, and 100% before cylinders reaches 20 anniversary.

Short waiting times due to fire extinguishing cylinders in stock

In our warehouse we always have more than 50 pieces CO2 cylinder freshly hydrostatically tested. This enables us to organize the exchange of the cylinders at short notice and without double round trips and waiting times for the vessel/ship.

This means we can offer the exchange with our own cylinders all over Germany as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

We always find a suitable solution for your fixed fire fighting system on the ship to meet your individual requirements.

Network of international collaborations enable timely sampling.

If sampling of the foam system or the powder system of the fixed fire extinguishing system is required, we can also perform this. Through our network of international cooperation with independent laboratories, we are able to obtain the analyses in the shortest possible time.

Types of fixed fire fighting systems on ships

We provide inspection for different types of fixed fire fighting systems:

  • CO2 system – types/manufacturers: Minimax, Noske Kaeser, Fain, NK, Seaplus, Ajax, Unitor etc.
  • Foam system – types/manufacturers: NK, Seaplus, Fain, Minimax, Unitor etc.
  • Water mist system – types/manufacturers: Minimax, Unitor, Imtech, Nokse Kaeser, etc.
  • Powder System – types/manufacturers: NK, Seaplus, Minimax, Unitor etc.
  • FM200/Novec 1230: Fireboy, Minimax, 3M etc.

 As mentioned above we are qualified and trained to conduct services for several manufacturers and types of fixed fire fighting (extinguishing) systems. We are able to offer annual, bi-annual, 5-yearly and 10-yearly services if required. For the 10-yearly services of a CO2 system, it is necessary to dismount the 45 kg cylinders for hydrostatic testing in a workshop. We have our own large stock of exchange cylinders which saves a lot of time and certainly money, as no additional round trips etc. are required.